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Booking Info


The Booking Staff at Bodega and Monk’s handles all booking through the following email address:

The Booking Staff will respond to emails as soon as possible, most will received a response within seven days.  Our general office days are Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Please allow us time to review and respond to your email.   


PLEASE NOTE:  Email is our preferred communication method.  Any other form of communication (phone call, text, social media, or the like) will be not be answered.  Please do not approach the Booking Staff to pitch an idea or inquire about booking during a show, when we have a full bar or on our off time.  


 Monk’s hosts shows and events, generally, Thursday through Saturday nights. We may occasionally have a show on a weekday for larger national touring acts.


  Monk’s offers hosting of private events and parties.  Please contact Monk’s for venue pricing and availability.


  Monk's is 21+ venue. If you are booking a national act and their rider requires an 18+ show, this will need to be approved by the Booking Staff.  Monk’s reserves the right to deny a request for an 18+ show.


  Unless otherwise specified, load-in is at 7:00 pm. Line checks only, unless otherwise specified.


  Doors are generally at 9:00 pm.


  The Monk’s Hospitality Room may be made available upon advanced written request and may incur an additional charge.


  Parking is limited behind the venue so please check with management after load in for parking instructions.


   DO check out our calendar to see if the dates you want are available.  Check out what we have scheduled and see if your proposal is too similar to something playing the day before or after your proposed date.  We like to have a good variety at Monk's

   DO send a detailed email with your band information (social media and website links) and provide us with the date(s) you want to book and what type of show you want to do.  The more details about the actual show, dates and cost, the better.  Do keep it simple and to the point.

   DO send links to your social media.  We appreciate the links so we can easily find you and listen to your music. 

   Are you a local band?  DO come down to Monk’s and see what our venue is like.

   DO consider pitching a full bill (2-3 bands) if you have bands you want to play with.  We like this!

   DO respect all decisions made by the Booking Staff.  They discuss and consider each and every event very carefully.  Repeated emails or calling the Booking Staff will NOT change their decision.


   DON’T send us generic Press Kits – it is a waste of your time and resources.

   DON’T send us a 20-page email listing every venue or show you've ever played, awards you have received, food you ate on your last tour.  We just don't have time to weed through all that information.  Keep it to the requested information from the BOOKING DOs Section.

   DON’T call, text or message us through social media with booking requests or to discuss event details – you will be referred to our email.  Don't call Bodega - you will be referred to our email.  Always email:

   DON'T approach us during a show, while we are working, or even on our day off to pitch an idea or event.  Send us an email with the requested information (read above).  You will be referred to our email.

   DON’T send repeated emails, please give us time to check out your band and check our schedule with the dates you have provided.  Sending repeat emails just takes us longer to respond. 

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